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Les Touristes à Malte !

Vendredi, 22 Décembre, 2017

    Du 9 au 16 novembre, les étudiants de 2 Tour A se sont rendus à Malte avec deux professeurs, Claude Delteil et Louis de Malafosse, à l’occasion de leur deuxième voyage d’étude.

Le but était d’évaluer chaque étudiant sur deux tâches dans les deux langues : l’accompagnement et le guidage. A tour de rôle, ils ont donc mené le groupe à travers les différents lieux qu’ils avaient selectionnés avant le départ, organisé des activités ludiques, réalisé des commentaires, et ont ainsi rendu ce voyage aussi intéressant qu’agréable !

Les voici qui vous en parlent en anglais :

On the 9th of November, we all landed in Malta, after 2 hours of flight. We went to our youth hostel and we even had the time to take a stroll in the Three Cities ! On the next day, we visited Saint John’s Co-Cathedral, an iconic landmark in Valetta. We also had the opportunity to watch a 5D movie about the history of the islands.


The view from Valletta

On day 3 we visited San Anton Gardens which belong to the President’s Palace in the morning. In the afternoon we visited Mdina, which is also called The City of Silence or The Noble City, as it is the place where the descendants of the Maltese Noble families still live today. On the next day we visited the city of Valetta in the morning and we had a treasure hunt in the afternoon: we had to find statues in the city !

The fifth day was very nice as we took the ferry to Gozo, one of the three main islands in the archipelago. We saw the Azure Window, which is now very different from before because it was partly destroyed by a storm. We also visited salt pans and the prison in the citadel.



Azure Window

On the sixth day we were supposed to spend the day on a boat but it was too windy, so we went to the University of Malta where we met some of the Professors and the director told us about Erasmus and the University programs. They were very interested in having a partnership with us, as they have a Tourism Department and an IT Department. One of the professors was even specialized in food safety ! He gave us two books he wrote, which are now in Limayrac’s library. We ate there before going to the National Aquarium, which was fantastic !

On our last day, we visited the Tarxien Temples, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and whose ruins date back to more than 3000 BC, they are older than the Pyramids in Egypt! Then we went to Marsaxlokk, a nice fishing village, where we had lunch. Unfortunately, the fish was not fresh and Mrs Delteil said that “Even cats wouldn’t eat such fish !”. On the next morning we woke up at 4.30 am and we took the plane back to Toulouse. It was an amazing trip !